Aloe vera
from Bali

With complete dedication

Aloe vera, such a miraculous plant. You treat them with respect. The Egyptians already did so six thousand years ago, as did the many people that followed. Today, The Baloe Company still does just that. We cherish the nurturing and healing power of aloe vera with complete dedication
Tongue of the crocodile
Aloe vera feels completely happy on the rich volcanic soil of Bali. The islanders call the plant ‘Lidah Buaya’, which means the tongue of the crocodile. The natural powers of the aloe find their place among the natural beauty that Bali is so famous for. The island with healing powers and the plant with healing powers, there is no better duo.

Wealth from the volcanic soil

The Baloe Company brings Bali and aloe vera even closer together. From day one, a group of passionate Balinese farmers has been part of our special project. Because who knows better how much wealth can be extracted from their land than the inhabitants of this land? Together with these wonderful people, we soon found out how to turn 1+1 into three. That formula? We’re not secretive about that: Perfect climate + rich volcanic soil = the best quality aloe vera.






Fair aloe vera farms

The sustainable aloe vera we grow is scarce. We only achieve the highest quality on the most beautiful pieces of volcanic soil in Bali. What makes us very happy is that the production on 130 hectares is large enough to provide 25 local farmers and 100 families with a sustainable income. Together we form one big family and produce 100% organic aloe vera raw materials and products.


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