Aloe vera powder:

three options

Aloe vera powder can be used by the industry for various applications, such as drinks, food or cosmetics. The powder is the end product of a delicate harvesting and production process, of which we offer three options.


Aloe Powder

Within this option, the production of the powder runs according to a certified process. The spray drying of the gel is done by a licensed company in Jakarta. The price is competitive, whilst we don’t compromise on the quality. Certificates are available on request. 


Aloe Powder

To be able to deliver the best quality, we had a high tech company from Europe design a spray dryer for us. A specialist team flew in to teach our people on-site all the ins and outs about the custom made machine. Having a spray dryer on-site enables us to process the extracted gel immediately, which reduces the risk of contamination to zero. The highest quality aloe vera powder there is.


Aloe Powder

The same process as the Superior process, except for the fact that the aloe vera plants grow on a special vegan plantation. Our farmer Jero Mangku Caguan grows the plants with just vegan manure. Together with Jero we control and manage our vegan fields according to strict conditions. The highest quality vegan aloe vera powder there is. 

Besides producing aloe vera powder, we are keen to partner up with manufacturers and/or distributors to develop aloe vera products for a private label, such as drinks, cosmetics or food.

Interested or want to know more? Send our manager Rob Massuger an email.