Our working method

At The Baloe Company we manage the cultivation, production, and logistical process of our aloe vera from start to finish.

The plantations

It all starts on our 130 acres of aloe vera plantations on Bali. Together with our farmers, we do everything to provide the best possible circumstances for the plants to grow. We do that by listening carefully to our 25 farmers and by taking soil and leaf samples on a regular basis.

Harvesting our aloe vera

Once the plants are ready to be harvested, our farmers carefully cut off the leaves. Then, we make sure to transport the leaves directly to our factory.

Turning gel into powder

When the leaves arrive at our factory, we rinse them in cold water. We repeat this process twice, to make sure we get rid of all the dirt. Through a certified process, we extract the gel from the cleansed aloe vera leaves. Afterwards, we transform the gel into powder within hours. The powder is then ready to be further processed by the industry. Throughout the process, no chemical additives are used.

Organic fertilizer

There is a lot of residual flow since we only need the gel to produce aloe vera powder. But at The Baloe Company, we do not consider the leaves ‘waste’. Instead, we use them to produce organic fertilizer.

The whole process requires a lot of care. Since we perform every step in the chain in-house, we guarantee that the powder leaving our factory is of the highest possible quality.

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