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The 1001 sides of aloe vera

But then of course it starts. In 2002 the process of growing, growing and more growing started. Again, and again with a slightly better quality aloe vera as a result. We now dare to state that The Baloe Company can supply the best organically grown aloe vera on the market. For processing in luxurious creams and lotions, but also in foodstuffs. And no, we don’t throw anything away. We convert the residual flows into organic fertilizer. It should be clear: with aloe vera you can go 1001 ways.

A big family

The sustainable aloe vera we grow is scarce. We only achieve the highest quality on the most beautiful pieces of volcanic soil in Bali. What makes us very happy is that the production on 130 hectares is large enough to provide 25 local farmers and 100 families with a sustainable income. Together we form one big family and produce 100% organic aloe vera raw materials and products.

The whole journey

From field to product, we manage the entire chain. As a result, we can guarantee that our local farmers receive a more than fair share of the income. That costs a little more, but you get a lot more in return. Because let’s face it, aren’t you going for the highest quality and a world in which everyone in the chain becomes wiser from the success?

Come aboard

What a beautiful, natural stuff that aloe is. In 2002, we embarked on a mission that is far from over. We enjoy every step of the journey and invite you to be a part of it. Feel, taste and experience the special power of aloe and Bali. Come aboard!